Titles Available for Purchase

  • The Rachel Scott Love Bundle (4hrs 25 min)

    6 videos  |   Buy $25

    Enjoy practices from one of our favorites, Rachel Scott. There are six practices that encompass everything from starting your day to getting ready for bed, a practice for energy, a playful practice and other goodies.

  • Wake Me Sweetly With Rachel Scott (30 min)

    1 video  |   Buy $6

    A class to start your day beautifully. Slow flow, breathwork, and big yummy movements will help you unwork your kinks and move graciously into the day ahead. Guaranteed to make you nicer to other people. Flow.

  • Espresso Shot With Rachel Scott (30 Min)

    1 video  |   Buy $6

    Reinvigorate your energy, get your blood moving, and say "No" to the desk jockey blues with this quick hit practice. Perfect for a mid morning or mid afternoon pick me up.

  • Alignment Freak With Rachel Scott (40 min)

    1 video  |   Buy $6

    This wall class is all about getting your alignment on. We'll use props, straps, and the wall to revolutionize every day poses. It's like ironing out your body from the inside. Handstand options. Hatha.